50 Days to Legend 100 triathlon and Garmin 13.1

I have my first race since June of last year, tomorrow.  It’s a half marathon.  It will be the most I have ran since June 8th, 2014.  My only run longer than 6 miles, since then, was on February 9th.  What could possibly go wrong?

This race has to kickstart my running or the Legend 100 is going to be a disaster.

I decided to leave my blood blister for one more day.  I’ll do something about it after the race.

It’s hard to call it a race.  I’m treating it as a training run.  But, for some reason, I feel like I need to run it under 2 hours.  I told Tim S. that I would pace him to 2 hours so I want to prove to myself that I still can at this point.

I haven’t had much time to think about the race.  I didn’t eat right today.  I have nothing planned to eat during the race.  I’m going to have to pay close attention to the aid stations and listen to my body.  The problem is, my body hasn’t had to figure out how to run in a very very long time.  I still don’t even know what I’m going to wear.  I only know that I’m going to be wearing a Garmin 920XT on my left and a Garmin 620 on my right.

I’m not worried yet.  It may be a different story when I wake up tomorrow.

61 Days to Legend 100 triathlon

Having a long weekend doesn’t really mean I have extra hours to train.  In fact, I got less hours of training in last week that I normally do.  However, the time I spent this weekend was much needed family time.  My schedule in March was ridiculous.  Friday I took the kids to the pool and to see my father.  Oh yeah, since my last post, my dad has been in and out of the hospital with a quadruple bypass.  He went home on Friday night.  Saturday I spent most of the day with Logan and Brayden.  We went swimming and to a birthday party.  It was a blast.  I realized this weekend that my 20-month old son is “closer” to my 3 year old nephew than my 3 year old daughter is.  Attention span, motor skills and interests.  Logan had much more fun at the pool with Brayden than he normally does with Lizzy.  I think it’s because they were both at the same skill level.  Lizzy normally like to swim loops around us and doesn’t need to hang on to me any longer (both with lifejacket on).  I didn’t rest or recover much, but I did get in a 5k run last night.  Unfortunately, I also had to stay up late and get up early today.

I think Tim is backing out of the Garmin 13.1.  They just had a beautiful new baby and he hasn’t been training.  I was supposed to pace him to a 2:00 half.  That was my motivation for picking up my runs.  I hope I can still manage a 2:00 13.1 without him there.  We will see.  I have yet to get a solid “long” run.

I still have a huge ugly blister on my left foot and my left knee is starting to bother me slightly.  I first noticed it last Monday when I was visiting my father in the hospital.  I’m wearing my Zensah calf sleeves, just in case.  They have fixed so many things for me before.

71 Days to Legend 100

It was another busy week.  Like a perfect storm.  I just can’t wrap things up.  The combination work, cheerleading and trying to get some home-improvements going,  just haven’t left a lot of time for family or training.  I’m exhausted.  One more weekend of cheerleading competitions (COA 2-day) and maybe things will get back to normal.

I had a couple solid rides and one run that made me smile but another week of zero time in the water and zero time strength training.

The diet was really good until last night.  Two more days of cleanse, then another little adjustment.

I’m positive, if I could just get 2 nights in a row, of good sleep, I could turn things around for the better!

I understand that I can’t make-up for lost time.  I have to be diligent and train my best when I can.  I’m not sure that adding miles at this level of exhaustion would do anything anyway.

71 days is not a lot of time.  Since I have 2 very long days of cheerleading this weekend, I’m not counting on anything else either.

78 Days to Legend 100

Its 78 days away.  My training has been almost nonexistent.  Time to kick things up a notch.  The Legend 100 will be the longest, hardest race that I have ever done.  But it is a just a milestone on the way to my first 140.6 in August.

Here is the plan.  Today I’m starting a 10-day Advocare cleanse and will begin my real 2-a-day schedule.  Cheerleading season is winding down, so I have no more excuses.

If I want to survive the Legend 100, I have to do the things that need to be done.  I have to start listening and practicing the lifestyle that I preach while coaching.

Psycho Wyco 50k

I did it.  I finished a 50k in 8:24:24.5.  I’m happy and damaged.  The conditions were the most difficult I’ve ever faced. I took care of some unfinished business.  Last year I signed up for the 50k and had to drop out after the second lap.  144 people signed up for the 50k race, only 69 finished all three loops.

This is the best nutrition I’ve ever had for a race, and I took nothing onto the course.  I relied completely on the aid stations and I’ve never been happier.  They had my favorite brand and flavor, Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon.  I had peanut butter and jelly wraps, which might be the biggest reason I came back after my first attempt at this course.  I had Coke and 7Up, and maybe my new favorite drink, Heed!  On the last lap, I even had a cup of noodles and broth!  I couldn’t be happier with these aid stations.

I was dressed properly.  At the start of the race, I was concerned about not having enough clothes on.  I was dressed perfectly.  I was wet from head to toe, but I was warm.  Well, my toes took a bit of a beating from the cold.  I had to take snowballs out of my shoes after the first lap.  I also managed to step in the water on the third lap.

After the noodles, for most of the third lap, I was hearing things.  I kept hearing footsteps behind me.  Several times, I turned around thinking that I heard someone trying to pass.  Nobody was there.  My mind was really playing tricks on me.  One time I heard the footsteps so close, that I moved to the side to let them pass.  NOBODY WAS THERE.  I knew what was happening, I knew that my mind was getting the best of me, so I didn’t panic.  It’s something I’ll not soon forget though.

I actually walked away from the race feeling pretty good.  Perhaps its because I took ibuprofen and acetaminophen between the laps.  When I got home, I saw the damage that was done.  The next day, I really felt the damage, broken and limping.

Race results.

Race photos.  These guys were awesome!  The best race photos I’ve ever seen, free or paid, and these were free!